Justin Stitt

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Industrial and Interactive Design Major

Always be curious about the world going on around you and immerse yourself with in it. This is the mantra that I embrace in my day to day life. When I’m not working on my latest idea for a product, service, or game you’ll find me enjoying the seasons amenities. Whether it be watching the spring storms role by on my front porch, enjoying the lake during the summer, camp fires under the stars during the fall, or skiing down the slopes during the winter.

I am a fourth year student studying Industrial and Interaction Design at the Syracuse University School of Design. As I continue to explore the field of design I have grown increasingly interested in the way people interact with the environment around them and the objects within the environment. As I continue to advance my skills in design, my goal is to tie my interest in how people interact with the environment they are in, to new products and ideas I develop.

Hard Skills

Ideation / Model Making / Prototyping / Wire Framing

 Journey Mapping / Story Boarding / User Research / Fusion 360

 Solidworks / Figma / Photoshop / InDesign / XD / Illustrator

Key Shot / Social Media Management / Content Development