All Way detergent Bottle


Design a detergent bottle, create a distinctly new form that could be commercially viable while addressing problems found in the space. 


Design Approach

When looking at the detergent bottle space, I found that many of the bottles did not offer adequate handles that fit comfortably in a variety of sizes of hands, particularly for people with smaller than average or people with larger than average hands. When the bottles handles do fit conformably across all hands sizes, their center of gravity often is not balanced and clunky when attempting to pour detergent into the washing machine. With this in mind I set out to create a bottle that had enough room for people with larger hands to fit there hand through the handle hole, while having a slim enough handle to accommodate smaller hand sizes. 

Stitt_IND274_DetergentBottle_Ideation2 B

Prototype Creation

Once I decided on a shape for the detergent bottle I set out to create the bottle in fusion 360.

Final Renders