Olympus Boldering Helmet 

Whats hanging around the problem?

Hikers, climbers, and your everyday explorers want to get out and enjoy the outdoor environment. They are looking for helmets that are versatile across multiple climates as they make their way to the top and easy to use along the way. I set out to design a helmet that meets these needs of the consumers allowing them to seamlessly transition through climates while on there adventure. 

Design Process

When thinking about helmets that could adapt to multiple climates I initially thought about modular concepts that could allow for interchangeable or removable parts. However, while this would be seamless for allowing the user to adapt as climates changed, it would not be simple and would cause you to need a bag for parts which is not in the end an effective design solution. In the end I settled on a concept that allowed users too easily flick the vents to open them and allow for more air flow, or close them to provide additional warmth. I also added mesh screens around the ears to provide an improved audio experience by dappening the wind before it whistles by your ears while listening to music. 

Prototype Process

I started off creating a green foam puck that I smoothed out with plaster and vacuum-formed a sheet of plastic around. Next I cut out the helmet from the sheet and painted it before creating the head structure and attaching it to the helmet. Finally I created and attached the helmet air flow vents to the prototype model.


Final Product

Money Shot Edit.jpg